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A Dog Who Died 100 Years Ago Still Receiving Stick Gifts On His Monument

Have you ever heard of a pet that still receives gifts even after a century has passed since its death?

The story revolves around a loyal dog named Rex who passed away over 100 years ago. As we all know, dogs are among the most intelligent and faithful pets one could have. Rex was no exception and was deeply loved by his owner, a kind food seller named John Snow.

Even after their death, John and Rex remained inseparable as the loving dog was buried next to his owner at the Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn. Known as the “American Hachiko,” Rex’s undying love for his owner has made him a legend in the town.

To pay tribute to the beloved pet, the residents of Brooklyn have erected a life-size bronze statue of Rex at his grave. Recently, a photo of his grave went viral on Twitter, showing sticks and small branches of trees next to his monument. Many people were curious as to why the townspeople were leaving these offerings.

A Brooklyn resident later explained that the sticks were a tribute to a special dog that their grandparents had told them about. Moreover, some residents who have lost their pets come to Rex’s grave to place sticks in his bronze paws and request him to look after their beloved pets until they reunite with them in heaven.

Rex’s loyalty and love have made him immortal in the hearts of the Brooklyn residents, and his grave remains a place of pilgrimage for pet lovers. Rest in peace, Rex; you will be remembered and loved forever!

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