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A Lion Climbed Onto A Tourist Bus Full Of People Seeking Cuddles And Attention

As we all know sudden meetups that include animals are so adorable. It really doesn’t matter if the meetup is between the animals belonging to the same species, different species or else if it is between animals and humans! Whichever parties it involves, it is sure to be an endearing experience. The encounter which will be explained in detail below is between an animal and a bunch of humans. That animal is not only an animal but also the king of the jungle, the ferocious lion itself!


One day, Filya, a little lion decided that it should go seeking some attention and pamper time from someone. To Filya’s luck, it was able to find a bus full of people to give him some love, attention as he was wishing.


After realizing that the lion was not meaning any harm, Filya was invited onboard by the tourists. Tourists were also fortunate and excited to witness a lion closely! That too, on a bus!


To the tourists’ surprise, the cute furball, Filya licked some of them while rubbing his face by clearly indicating that he was only asking them to pet him. Filya was also lucky that the tourists were ungenerous to provide him all the love and affection it was demanding for.

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