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Adorable Moments Of Pet Parents And Their Children

Our societies becoming urban, with more people living in apartments and flats people look for relationships that thrive in smaller living environments. So mostly they tend to have a pet with them. Pets are now firmly a part of the family. Pet owners have become “pet parents”.

They share their lives with each other and maintain a strong bond. For them keeping their four-legged best friend healthy and happy is always high on their priority list.

These adorable pictures prove us the unconditional love and bond between them.

You can go anywhere with me, my babe

© GuntherRowe / reddit

You can see my love for you in my eyes

© AWildPotatoInthewild / reddit

You are my flower girl, Elly

© Mick0331 / reddit

Though Jax is 13 years and can’t walk, we will take for a walk in his wagon

© naturalhiker705 / reddit

He said he hates cats earlier

© Glazuur / reddit

Hello, I may be shy cause it’s my first time on camera

© ZookCloak / reddit

Give us a cuddle while you play video games

© Laura_Kay / reddit

Don’t worry boy, I will take care of you

© rosseep* / reddit

You need a new haircut

© Lucks_20 / reddit

He took 2 years to accept my hug

© TerpinOne / reddit

Do you like my cat bed, made by a TV

© BrewCoven / reddit

Though I am lizard; I look same as my role model

© ChemicalChameleon / reddit

I feel so comfortable in this crocheted sofa you made for me

© UncleIroh24 / reddit

Please don’t leave me. I feel lonely when you are gone

© emily_9511 / reddit

Am I a third wheel to my husband and cat’s relationship ?

© AshtynDG / reddit

Ferret selfie, better chance next time

© Rude-Entertainment53 / reddit

Look me in the eyes

© Available_Mix_1234 / reddit

Caught an 80 pounder

© WhatUpRell1 / reddit

We both look same

© _TeaRexx_ / reddit

I miss my happy holidays

© malynnskie2531 / reddit

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