Cats Don’t Seem To Mind If Dogs Are Used For Their Own Purposes

Cats and dogs are the most common domesticated animals each and everywhere. As we know cats are cute proud creatures while dogs are friendly and polite. Both of them are good companions of humans since ancient times.

Most of the times cats and dogs are acting like enemies, and cats are very frightened when they sniff dogs. By the way, some of the cats are very friendly with dogs. Even they feed each other’s pups and kittens.

This is a collection of this kind of cat who used dogs for their purposes. Look how these proud cats used them.

1. I know what you are going to do Mr. cat

2. The huskie’s Kitty crown.

3. Oh, this is so cute!

4. Tell me what you want, kitty cat?

5. The cat queen is sunbathing on the dog cushion

6. Do you need a trusted babysitter?

7. Is it a dog or a butler?

8. Cuddling with the all-blacks!

9. You are the best pillow in the world

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