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13 Pictures That Prove You Can’t Even Trust Your Own Eyes

Our eyes are adept at confusing us, especially when it comes to optical illusions. Sometimes a totally innocent photo can look anything but normal. That is why it is better to keep in mind that not everything is what it appears to be. And here among us, this law applies not only to photos taken at a strange angle but to our entire lives.

Check that your eyes can deceive you with these 13 images that you will need to see more than once to know what really happens:

1. It seems like a little man is riding.

2. It is not a lake.

3. No, that police is not that size.

4. The other part of a centaur.

5. They are not trapped, it is just a photo of a sidewalk taken from the top.

6. How to make your heels stand out.

7. A puppy from Chérnobil.

8. A giant insect? No, just a little spider in the window.

9. How long does it take you to find the iPad?

10. When they tell you that you have a child’s face but in reality, you are already over 30.

11. This photo from London looks like a video.

12. Voldemort, is it you?

13. It looks like a secret meeting of ghosts discussing how to scare people next time.

14. “What are you doing there? It’s not a place of … oh, never mind. “

Do you have images that can play like this with our perception? Leave them in the comments! Share this note with your friends to see how long it takes them to understand all the images.

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