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15 Photos That Were Taken At Just The Right Time

In most instances, a good picture is not about the pose or the right spot. It’s all about the perfect timing, and the most unpredictable moment, where you have to zoom in to get a better look at the details. There can always be an alien at your doorstep or a grown man can have a baby’s hand.

Over time, people have shared very confusing images on the internet that were taken at the perfect, well, most inconvenient moment to be precise. We have compiled a collection of such images that your mind would go dizzy after seeing them.

1. Does this man have 2 layers of skin? Oh no, his hand is just underwater.

© Jayalvarrez / Tumblr

2. Is that cat floating?

glasshalfsomethingg / reddit

3. Man with a baby arm? Or does the baby have a very long one?

DabsJeeves / reddit

4. Is that guy sleeping? Look closer, it’s just that guy’s bag.

nealynealster / reddit

5. “Nearly had a heart attack when Ring notified me that there was a person at my front door.”

Suprovation / reddit

6. Where is the rest of this man?

Mopsiebunnie / reddit

7. “It’s time to feed the lama-woman.”

 thinkinatoms / reddit

8. This is what you call a perfect overlap…

sage_x3 / reddit

9. Which is his head?

Wapniak / reddit

10. The perfect parking spot

todtier27 / reddit

11. This cat’s arm was just shaved.

© rubbish_binnie / reddit

12. “Was watching a show when I paused it to answer the door. When I came back, I thought someone had put a mirror over my screen!”

when2jen / reddit

13. 1 photo or 2 photos?

 Xyain / reddit

14. “These limes look like they’re floating.”

ImLazyWithUsernames / reddit

15. “The wife has fallen asleep beneath the paper. This freaked me out for a second.”

craigstone_ / reddit

Share with us the ones you liked the most, and the once you had to look at multiple times… Have you ever taken such a confusing picture?

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