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Teen Jumps into Lake to Save Stranger’s Dog from Drowning

17-year-old Connor Telford from Dundee, Scotland was having his first-ever visit to Wales. While he was on a trip to Penllergare Valley Woods, he happened to see a dog drowning in water. Connor has not hesitated to risk his life by jumping into the water to rescue the drowning Charlie, a 7-year-old Shih – Tzu. Charlies’ owner Jane Warner had shared the complete story online explaining the struggle made by the young man during the rescue process by calling Connor, ‘’ Scottish hero!’’.

Penllergare Valley Woods (Shutterstock)

According to Jane Warner, her dog has been after some ducks and has accidentally fallen into the water. “I’m disabled, so there was no way I could’ve swum out to get him. Which just left me standing there helpless on the bank thinking, ‘What the hell do I do now?”, stated Jane. To Jane’s fortune, young Connor has seen the struggling dog and has jumped in to the water to rescue the dog. “The poor lad himself was also quite shaken up afterwards”, stated Jane. “I think it had been a tougher swim than he’d expected and I’m really grateful to him for risking his own safety the way he did.” Speaking to Wales Online, Jane has stated that if it wasn’t for his ‘’Scottish Hero’’, Charlie would have definitely died.

The phrase, “This young Scottish lad is my hero!”  written by Jane Warner was addressed by someone from Connor’s family saying, “He’s not a strong swimmer but launched himself headfirst into the lake with no thought for his own safety.

He came out bedraggled, visibly shaken and was physically sick – but he’s recovering well from his ordeal”. Jane has ended her story by conveying gratitude to Connor by saying, “Without this lad and you all clapping and cheering him to keep him fighting then I’d be telling a very different story”.

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