10 Strange Behaviors Of An Authentic Empath

As people start to explore their emotions and energy, many are realizing that they might be empaths. Being an empath can be both a blessing and a curse, and once you learn how to protect yourself, it becomes easier to navigate the world without being constantly drained.

Here are some of the key features of being an empath:

1. You absorb other people’s energy

Empaths feel the emotions and energy of those around them, and they often reflect those feelings. For example, if someone is crying, an empath might start to tear up too. Empaths can feel the anger, negativity, or fear of others, which can be overwhelming.

2. You have a strong intuition

Empaths have a unique ability to sense things that other people might miss. They can understand what others are feeling simply by observing them, and they often know people’s intentions without being told. Empaths feel like they are an extension of others and their intuition is always on.

3. You get drained easily

Empaths are giving with their energy, which can lead to burnout. Being around other people can be exhausting for empaths, and they often take on the problems of others. This can leave them feeling drained and tired. Empaths should only give energy to those who deserve it, and they should make sure to take time for themselves.

4. You attract broken people

People who are looking for energy can sense that empaths are willing to give it away for free. Empaths often attract strangers who are seeking help. However, once an empath starts ignoring people, they will stop approaching them.

5. Crowds affect you negatively

Events, cities, and even parties can be overwhelming for empaths. Being in a crowded place can be draining for an empath, and they often feel like they are being assaulted with energy.

6. Your living space is important

Empaths tend to feel the pain of the world, and they might prefer to live in an area with a smaller population and less activity.

7. You are very sensitive

Being an empath means that you are highly sensitive to emotions and energy. Some empaths even feel physical symptoms related to what others are experiencing.

8. You can see through lies

Empaths have a strong intuition and can often tell when someone is lying. They know who to trust and who to avoid.

9. Emotional healing is your gift

Because empaths are so giving with their energy, they often end up healing others. However, they should focus on their loved ones and not waste their energy on everyone.

10. You ignore your own problems

Empaths are so focused on helping others that they often ignore their own problems. They carry their issues with them and rarely talk about them. Empaths need to learn how to take care of themselves and their problems.

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