10 Things We Did Not Know What They Were For, but Thanks to the Internet the Mystery Was Solved

Although many may not believe it, each Product has been invented and designed with a specific purpose. And for the most part, that is done to facilitate the use of something, or simply to make our life much easier.

However, several of these objects have been ignored by us for a long time, and although many came to think that they are there for aesthetic reasons, in reality, they serve a function that goes beyond what we think.

That is why today, we are going to show you the true uses of 10 incredibly everyday objects, but that we are sure we have used them incorrectly or we simply ignore them.

1) The hole in the center of the fork to serve the pasta

Although many thought that this hole was to drain excess water, in reality its function is to measure individual portions of pasta before cooking. Only in this way, you will avoid exceeding the amount necessary for each person.

2) The triangular design of Toblerone chocolates

This famous Swiss chocolate is incredibly exquisite, and because of its origin many thought that its design was a tribute to the mountains of their country. However, the triangular design is due to the ease, so you can detach with your thumb, each portion in equal parts.

3) The small sachets of silica in the shoeboxes and some medicines

As children we were told that these little bags contained poison. However, that is far from the truth, because silica gel is a drying agent, preventing moisture from getting around it.
The next time you find them, do not throw them away, as they serve to preserve and protect things from damaging over time.

4) The rivets of blue jean pants

Although for some they are annoying to wash, these rivets serve an important function. And it is that Levis Strauss after designing the first jeans, could not help noticing that after prolonged use, they fell apart at various points of tension. That’s why he wanted to add the little rivets to it in specific places, to prevent certain areas from separating due to friction.

5) The extra pair of holes in Converse sneakers

Believe it or not, the holes in the bottom of our Converse are not exactly for better ventilation. They are actually put there, for people to let their imaginations fly, and tie their shoes in a more creative way than normal.

6) The holes in the handles of the pots

All of us or the vast majority use them to garnish and tidy up pots and pans in the kitchen. But in reality its purpose is to place the spoons that we commonly use to stir food while we cook.

7) The little arrow next to the car’s gas meter

This is something we are all unaware of and which is actually incredibly useful. It’s about the little arrow next to the pump, and it indicates nothing more and nothing less than where your car’s tank is located, so that you will never be confused on the side again.

8) The hole next to the padlock lock

This small hole has two functions: one is to allow rainwater not to remain inside the padlock, when it is used outdoors, but rather it comes out easily and avoids rusting the lock.
The other is to facilitate internal access to the lock, allowing it to be greased for a working woman when the key is inserted.

9) The slight protrusions of the letters “F” and “J” on the keyboards

This function we are sure that typists know it. And it is that both letters are recognized as the starting letters, and it is there where both index fingers rest, and return to the initial position without having to look at the keyboard.

10) The little hole in the top of some pens

For many, it is simply part of the design. However, this hole serves an important safety function. Well, being a small object, the caps of the pens can be easily swallowed by children.

The designers wanted to provide the hole, in case the accident occurred, the child could continue to receive air through the small hole until the necessary help to extract the object arrived.

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