15 Designers Who Totally Destroyed Common Sense

There are things that are displeasing to the naked eye. A color, a scent or sometimes even a word can lead you from nothing to a feeling of total dislike and it is not your fault, they are simply things that make you feel uncomfortable.

Each person is different and their dislikes can also be different, what bothers you, your friend may not. With this in mind we share 16 designs, perhaps little analyzed, that surely more than one will lead him to say “What were they thinking? Scroll down to find out, and don’t forget to tell us in the comments which one bothered you the most:

1. No, it is not a dirty pool, the bottom is yellow, which makes it look unhealthy.

Reddit | lordpancake

2. This office building put 14 continuous doors:

Reddit | MarkelL12

3. A wheelchair ramp that leads directly to the street:

Reddit/ fhstuba

4. A sunken fire hydrant in the middle of the sidewalk.

Reddit/ DJ66k

5. I don’t know how many light bulbs have broken before I know the limit of the door.


6. “The plug location at my hotel in Italy.”


7. “You can see the men’s room through the mirror from outside.”


8. “My refrigerator only has room for 8 eggs out of 10 in a package.”


9. “My back hurts from this bench design.”


10. My charger does not fit this socket.


11. “You don’t know how I love to touch the sink when I wash my hands”


12. The blue on this map is actually Earth:


13. This soap dispenser does not work to use the entire bottle.


14. Very cool design but few will realize that the extinguisher is real in an emergency:


15. Culvert in bike lane wide enough for any bike’s wheels to get stuck.

Reddit | lordpancake22

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