17 Everyday Things But With A Little Touch Of The Future

Creative, scientific and lazy thinking never stops. An example of this is the sphere of communications: a century ago there was only one telephone and one telegraph. Then the radio appeared, in the form of a speaker on a pole, and only after years – personal receivers. The televisions were also bulky, stationary, and when the internet came out, it was transmitted only by cable and then an hour per teaspoon. Today all this and much more on your smartphone works quickly and efficiently, but is progress limited to this? No way!

In the following list you will also know situations or habits that we have all had or known but with a little touch of the future.

#1 The backlight helps the doctor to immediately see the vein pattern on a person’s arm to inject correctly.

#2 This is a small USB rechargeable fan for hot days or a selfie.

#3 Children’s clothing is often passed from family to family as babies grow. The purpose of this label is to put the names of the children who have used it.

#4 Children’s cup with a hidden medicine container.

#5 Here you can lift the top of the seat and stretch your legs calmly.

#6 Plaster with holes in which it does not itch or sweat, it is printed on a 3D printer

#7 On the ceiling of this dental room is a “Find Wally” board game, which helps to distract patients during the procedure.

#8 A plug of a special design, so that a weak person can easily remove it from the socket.

#9 An old connector to connect the Nintendo-64: the company pushed for its installation in some cars

#10 Parking lots are marked not only on the pavement but also on the fence, for better orientation.

#11 Best-made fork-spoon design unlike others.

#12 Cans now have a reusable lid: open, sip, close

#13 This is a box with cells for motorcycle helmets, so as not to carry them around the stores.

#14 A simple indicator of the temperature inside the product packaging.

#15 The high-tech kettle lets you choose your water temperature and more.

#16 Some simple but great kitten foot glasses.

#17 Red lamps will help stop those looking at the phone and not around them.

The future looks great. How many of these things would you like to have? Leave us your comments! Share this gallery of cool stuff for everyone to see.

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