11 Photos Of Hens Being Moms To Other Baby Animals

Hens typically don’t rank high on the list of animals humans adore the most. Cats and dogs usually take the spotlight in our affections. Hens are not commonly seen as pets, and while a few may consider chickens as such, it’s a rarity. Surprisingly, hens display remarkable tenderness and care; they prove to be exemplary mothers, not only nurturing their own offspring but extending their care to other young ones.

In this compilation of images, you’ll witness firsthand how hens excel in the art of parenting. Their maternal instincts shine as they shower their young with love and empathy. These hen mothers unhesitatingly embrace any chicks in need of warmth and care, regardless of their lineage. It’s evident that the concept of species doesn’t matter to them when it comes to nurturing and caring for the young, affirming their position as the best mothers in the entire animal kingdom.

Browse through these pictures to witness the heartwarming care and affection exhibited by hen moms!

#1. A hen diligently warming a puppy as her own.

#2. Captured is a hen mother sheltering kittens during a stormy day. (wine-weed-wednesday)

#3. It seems this hen mother is oblivious to the fact that these babies aren’t hers.

#4. A mother hen attentively caring for her two pigeon babies.

#5. Meet Hilda the hen, who mistakenly sat on a different nest, hatching a clutch of ducklings who are now her beloved babies. Here’s a heartwarming snapshot of the hen with her five adorable ducklings! (Bnps)

#6. A heartwarming tale unfolds as a cat gave birth to kittens in the chicken coop. In the cat’s absence, a nesting hen dutifully babysits the kitty babies, proving to be a great support for the kitty mommy. (YardEggs)

#7. Witness an unexpected bond between a piglet and a mother hen.

#8. Gertrud the chicken embraced her role as a nurturing parent by adopting American Rhea chicks. They now form a joyful, blended family. (EPA/ UWE ANSPACH)

#9. A touching image of a hen caring for her adopted baby puppies.

#10. Another devoted momma hen taking tender care of some adorable kitty babies.

#11. Clearly, hens share a unique and deep connection with little kittens.

P.S.: Image credits go to all the rightful photographers. We were unable to identify some original owners to provide proper acknowledgment. If you have any information, please contact us so we can rectify this and give appropriate credit.

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