12 Signs You Are An Indigo Child Destined For Greatness

The term “Indigo child” does not necessarily refer to a young person, but rather to anyone who can bring others to their true essence. These individuals are thought to be here on Earth to catalyze a spiritual awakening in humanity.

However, it is important to keep in mind that being an Indigo does not make someone a perfect human being. These individuals may be introverted, have low self-esteem, be prone to addiction or suicidal thoughts.

Indigo children are free thinkers who do not limit themselves to the boundaries of mainstream society, religion, race, or common rules. They possess a unique spiritual gift that allows them to see the truth more clearly than most people. Indigos do not blindly follow traditional rules with no real meaning and will argue against them to expose the flaws in the system to those around them.

The term “Indigo Child” was coined by teacher and counselor Nancy Ann Tappe, who conducted research on the human auric field, also known as the electromagnetic field of humans. She discovered that this field surrounds every living thing.

In her book “Understanding Your Life through Color,” Nancy developed a highly accurate method to psychologically profile a person using her new auric color method. She noticed that 80% of children born after 1980 had a new deep blue auric field, which was not common for those born earlier. She named this new color “indigo.”

Do you or your children possess Indigo characteristics? Here are some signs to identify an Indigo Child:

1.Passionate and strong-willed
2.Free thinker
3.Old soul
4.Deep desire to help the world in a big way
6.Easily bored with traditional ways
7.Prone to extreme anxiety and depression
8.More spiritual than religious
10.Bonds with plants or animals
11.Empathetic and compassionate
12.Does not respect authority

If you possess all of these traits, you may be an Indigo. If you possess some of them, you may be an Indigo in training.

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