15 Photos Of Lost Battles That only Dog Owners Can Fully Understand

Although we consider dogs as pets, in most cases, considering them as pets is reductive. There are many dogs that are not just a secondary person or character in their owners’ life, but a hero. From the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep, and even during your sleep.

Even though it is a huge commitment to have a dog around the house, similar to having children, you cannot come to think of a life where they are not with you. If you are a dog lover, and a dog owner, here are some photos that we think you can relate to:

15. “If I don’t close the door, this is what happens.”


14. Although your house is supposed to be spotless when you leave, if you are someone with dogs, forget about it.

13. Did you know that you can make a copy of your dog when you brush him?


12. You have two dogs? Do both of them follow you to the bathroom?


11. “Today my golden retriever played in the fresh-cut grass.”


10. “Sorry, my dog ate all of your checks.”


9. “My dog ​​ran away from the house, after hours of searching I came back and found this scene …”


8. The master is an excellent pillow for any dog.


7. Have you ever seen the expression on your dog when you finish that last bite without giving him any?


6. Some dogs just keep on doing damage.


5. Does your dog sleep like it’s broken into a thousand pieces?

CamdanM / Reddit

4. I wanted a day at the spa. But alas, I have a dog at home.


3. “I just told my dog ​​that his paw needs to be seen by the vet.”


2. When you cook with a dog in the house and the dog doesn’t want to move away from where you are.


1. I need to eat, but I’m being observed by several eyes.

Credit: imgur

Do memories flood your mind when you see these photos? This can only mean that there is or has been a dog in your life filling your life with love.

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