20 Signs It’s Time To Let Go & Move On

We all have both good and bad days in our lives. Steady and narrow paths are inevitable in our journey. Sometimes when everything happens in the wrong way, we naturally feel like giving up everything and we hate our very existence. We question why we ever born and simply wish to be faded away in the wind.

But, when things go in the right way, there is nothing more that we appreciate more than that and we celebrate our good fortune. Finally, what we have been doing in our whole life is balancing between good and bad.

However, though many of us believe letting go is not a good option, there are moments that letting go can be the wisest thing. When things no more work for us and sing according to our tune, it is always better to let go than holding onto things which particularly do not belong to us.

We try to stick to things because we are generally afraid to face the unknown. We are afraid what will happen next after this and who will come after this? But these questions are just barriers that we have impose upon ourselves naturally and if you just give it a try, then you would see unknown is not worst as what you experience in the present moment.

So, if you find any of these 20 signs I recommend you to move on rather than holding it any far.

1. When your thoughts go to memories more than the present.

2. When the situation causes you more pain than the joy.

3. When you have to plead for someone or expect for something to be changed.

4. When you are always bored and resentful because of something.

5. When everything goes wrong even when you try to fix them.

6. When you feel alone, disrespected and unheard.

7. When something hold you back from doing what you want.

8. When you are not satisfied with the present circumstances and always wish for things to be better.

9. When you cry more than you laugh.

10. When you feel physically and mentally exhausted.

11. When you have lost the passion and joy of your life.

12. When you sacrifice who you are and try to adjust to what someone wants you to be.

13. When you forget the joy of your life.

14. When you fear this is the best it will be.

15. When you force a smile to hide your pains.

16. When you lose your true self and try to please someone else.

17. When you are afraid of the unknown.

18. When you feel you are captivated by something that you should have let go.

19. When the thought of being free seem satisfactory.

20. When you hope for a better life for yourself.

If you feel most of the situations describe above are applying for you, then you would better move for something without holding onto the things that pressurizes you.

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