25 Pictures Of People Living The Happiest Day Of Their Lives

Happiness is a very elusive thing. But the people in these photos are as twice as lucky to have someone capture their moment of pure happiness on camera.

We invite you to look at these simple and kind things that’ll bring a smile to your face. And it has nothing to do with money.

1. A cat’s paradise

2. “Two months after a complex fracture of both ankles, operations and a recovery period, the happiness I feel after getting up on both feet is incredible!”

3. Those little happy moments of a messy job

4. Lady found her pet cat who survived after 16 days of tornado

5. Finally happy after her skin healed

6. “Being discharged from the hospital after my treatments, I found out that all my friends came to see me. One of the happiest days of my life”

7. “After bringing my new kitten home, I was afraid how my dog would react. But look how happy he is!”

8. “My husband returning from his final Iraq tour”

9. All the happiness brought from an empty toilet paper roll

10. “The birth of my twins today”

11. “She said yes!”

12. “So happy because we can finally adopt these children!”

13. “I am 190 cm tall, and today I finally found a seat on the airplane where I can stretch my legs freely. Be happy for me!”

14. “My long-anticipated reunion with my dad”

15. “My mom’s getting married after sixteen years of lonely unhappiness”

16. “Being 20 and finally fulfilling my dream of entering a music school”

17. “We came here to adopt a puppy for my sister, and see what pure happiness looks like”

18. “I promise to love you in sickness and in health. Especially in sickness because you gave me the flu a week before our wedding and now I sound like a 90 year old man”- Here’s the reason why my husband is laughing out so hard during our wedding vows

19. “Many years later, my grandfather met is colleague”

20. “That feeling you have when you come to the sea after a very long time of six years”

21. “My Mom and I had a painting master class and I haven’t been that happy for so long. We had a great time.”

22. “After working as a taxi driver, parachutist and a flight instructor, I’ve finally reached my ultimate dream of becoming a Airbus A320 pilot”

23. Seeing snow for the first time in his life

24. “My 92 year old grandma was the most gorgeous bridesmaid in the world. It’s the best day of my life”

25. “My little baby girl conquered cancer today!”



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