25+ Terrible Maps That Are So Bad They’re Good

During our childhood, many of us dedicated time to the exploration of maps. We eagerly committed to memory the names of countries, their capital cities, rivers, mountain ranges, and flags, nurturing dreams of one day visiting these far-off places.

Nevertheless, no matter how diligently we memorized these geographical details, maps didn’t always prove as practical as we initially believed. “Auxx me” has unearthed a treasure trove of cartography-inspired memes. These humorous creations are occasionally absurd, at times remarkably enlightening, yet consistently offer a nostalgic dose of geography-based amusement.

Feel free to scroll through and discover these quirky gems for yourself. We’re curious to hear your thoughts and reactions!

#1 Cat Earth Theory

#2 Antarctica, The Confusing Continent

#3 A Map Of Every European City

#4 For Those Of You Suffering From Election Fatigue. A Map Of Pubs In The Uk

#5 35 Place Names In Iceland That Will Help You Understand What Dyslexia Feels Like

#6 Antarctic-Centric World View

#7 Countries That Use The Metric System Vs Countries That Lose Wars To Vietnamese Farmers

#8 Bosnians: I Wanna Swim; Croatia: No

#9 Potential EU Leaving Names

#10 Saudi Arabia Mapped Only By Its Rivers

#11 Amazingly Comprehensive Map Of Every Country In The World That Uses The Mmddyyyy Format

#12 EU Referendum Results 2016 Vs. Mad Cow Disease Outbreak Areas 1992

#13 A Map Of The World But It’s Just The Time Zones

#14 Chart To Determine Risk Of Bear Attack

#15 Orange Peel Map Of Japan

#16 Restaurant Order Preferences In Africa

#17 Here’s A Map Showing Where All Our Followers Are From

#18 A Map Of Every American City

#19 The Russian Empire As Of 2017

#20 How Many Switzerland’s Fits In Brazil

#21 Map Of All Of The Churches In Poland

#22 Electricity Consumption In Europe In 1507

#23 Map Of Earth If There Was No Land

#24 A Map Of Europe By Each Nation’s Most Iconic Artwork. If You Can Name Them All You Deserve A Prize! (But Won’t Get One).

#25 Fascinating: Countries Arranged By Geographical Location

#26 The Legality Of Owning A Kangaroo In The United States

#27 This Is Actually In A Textbook..(Glencoe Science: Biology, Chapter 5, Section 3.)

#28 Gif Of Swiss Expansion Over The Past 200 Years

#29 Map Of The Uk, According To Americans.

#30 Diagram Of Geopolitical Relationships In The Middle East

#31 Super Bowl Wins By Country

#32 Which Country Is The Roundest?

#33 Population Per Capita

#34 Garbage Can V Trash Can In The United States

#35 Handy Chart Showing How Far I Would Walk Just To…

#36 Is This Country Greenland?

#37 Countries With An Ak-47 On Their Flag

#38 Countries Where Queen Elizabeth II Can Be Charged With A Crime

#39 If Great Britain Was Located Next To Japan

#40 Name Of Hamburger By Us County

#41 Us Governors By Eye Color

#42 Less Than 0.1% Of The World Population Lives In The Blue Area

#43 Really Makes You Think

#44 Map Of Roman Air Bases In 2nd Century Ad

#45 What Happens When You Replace Every Official Or Co-Official French Speaking Country With A Picture Of Kim Kardashian Crying

#46 I’m Just Gonna Put This Here

#47 Map Of Antarctica’s Bays

#48 All The Words In Italy For Female Genitalia

#49 San Marino At Its Territorial Peak

#50 Map Of France If It Was A Pizza

#51 If Gravity Is Real, Than Why, Doesn’t The Ocean Go To The South Hemisphere?

#52 Popes/Mi²

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