5 Ways To Spot Egoistic Friends You Should Avoid Before Getting Hurt

Sometimes we don’t realise that some of our friends make our life gloomy. We should be brave enough to be with right people, it doesn’t matter to be alone rather than gathering with inappropriate people. Sometimes it’s really hard to recognise someone from their appearance or behaviour, because some people have much talent to pretend like someone they are not, so that the most difficult thing is to decide whether they worth your association. You should give more attention to chose the suitable alliance.

“Draw a circle around yourself – invite people in or keep them out. We are the creators of our social geometry. Calculate your volume.” -Rachel Wolchin-

01. They block your path of success

This is something everybody could understand, but the thing is you never notice how much it effects to your future. These kind of people always be behind you but not for your support, actually all they try to do is pull you into a deeper grave. Yes, sometimes they may act like they really care for you and your success, but they never wish your victory faithfully. Sometimes these people hang out with you just to know what you do; if it may help them to build their success, they never get away from your sight, actually they stick in your side to make their position better than yours, or else they need to lose your confident in what you do. They are crafty and stingy, in case of that you find it hard to save money and to achieve your goals. You have to be more careful when you try to share your dreams with them, because they’ll find negative ideas to ruin your beliefs. See! they are not blocking your path of success directly, they stab you from behind and remember it’s the most dangerous thing ever. It’s your responsibility to chose people who could guide you to be successful. Sometimes you don’t need friends to guide you, you can monitor yourself and evaluate your all strengths and weaknesses.

“It’s better to walk alone, than with a crowd going n a wrong direction” -Diane Grant-

02. They waste your time

Most of the time they try to change your direction and show you an inappropriate path, as an example when you want to study for an exam, they attempt to take you to something more enjoyable, interesting, joyful or illegal; then you’ll forget your work and enjoy the moment, but then what happen to your exam?? Think twice before someone fools or misleads you. There’s a famous phrase called “Time is money”, so these type of people knows the value of time very well. Sometimes people are blind when they are in joyful association, thus they sacrifice their time, energy towards pointless things. Selfish friends never let you worth living, they try to waste your whole time by showing you a mirage which pleases you. In case of that you really start believe in these people, and it makes easy to them to take advantages from you. These people don’t come with only selfishness, they are mixture of lots of bad qualities. They always find a reason and way to hang out at anytime. Firstly you don’t realise that they waste your precious time but in the end you’ll understand what has happened to you, remember then you’ll be too late. It’s time to recognise your egoistic friends and avoid them. Don’t worry they don’t care when you leave, because they have more optional friends to take advantage than you ever think.Yes, there are such people in this society, beware of people who act in real life better than in films or tele-dramas.

03. They never let you present your opinion

A selfish friend always lives with the pride that they know everything, and they never accept another one’s opinion. Sometimes you don’t realise that they are blocking your thinking capacity, so that you give them a chance to handle your life according to their method. Obviously they know how to change your mind in a tricky way, even there’s no time to you to think about whether it’s right. If you are in a relationship, they take the role of love adviser to make it complicated. They don’t agree with your opinion, so you gradually start to put yourself down, you think you are a loser, you cannot do anything and finally come to the point that they are really genius. You estimate yourself as a dumb person, then you lose your motivation, you start feel disappointed, and as a final result you become a real loser. This is what selfish people wish for; if they cannot reach your level, however they bring you down. Don’t ever lost in fake friends’ fantasies which seem to be amazing, marvelous. While following selfish peoples’ guidance you’re messing up everything.

04. They make your life miserable

Sometimes these type of people use another system to drag you to lower level if they couldn’t able to fool you by above theories. However they get into top position by bringing you to last position, so at this point they begin to play with your destiny. They introduce you some illegal stuff that you never even wanted to feel, such as alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and other illegal addictions. This is where most of us do a huge mistake by misunderstanding all of them could resolve our problems, reduce stress and make us mastermind. Hell No! Nobody has ever proved drinking, smoking and clubbing, drugging make a fulfil man. All scientifically researches have revealed alcohol, cigarettes and drugs ain’t benefiting your health. These friends betray you while smiling at your face, hence you don’t figure out this until you addict to illegal or unsuitable things. Think! If someone really loves you, will they want you to addict something which may kill you? NEVER. Egoistic friend’s main aim is to make your life miserable by doing such a thing to you, indeed they only want their success while proving others how bad you are. Don’t ever get caught to people who never care for you, because they’ll pull you into a hell where you cannot easily get out.

05. They spread rumours

There was one place that I’ve mentioned that they hang out with you just to know what you do, how you do. This is the worst part of these type of people; they keep gossiping about you everywhere, sometimes they create their own stories including you, obviously bad stuff about you. They are the ones who always in your back to copy you or cut you off. They only want to be highlighted themselves in the society, what you feel is non of their business. First of all they take all of your trust and will end up with breaking it into tiny pieces. In case of that you cannot even think to build trust on someone there after, so that be careful before you get caught otherwise it will be too late to survive, to protect your character. Obviously selfish friend only loves own self, so they maintain their character very well. They make an effort to ruin your image to prove how pure their character is by pointing out your faults and mistakes. Actually they are real life monsters who have human bodies, it’s not easy to recognize them. They act normal but sometimes you find they are more curious about your work. When they get to know about your problems,mistakes or something really private, they try to console you as a normal person at that moment but if you notice there after, you’ll realize that he/she is the one who spread it everywhere. Hence once you catch up this behavior of someone, just let them go off your view as soon as possible. LET THEM GO! I repeat LET THEM GO! Because they won’t change or stop being jerks.

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