9-Year-Old Applies At NASA To Be A ‘Guardian Of The Galaxy,’ NASA Responds

After NASA posted a job opening for the position of “Planetary Protection Officer,” the space agency received a plethora of job applications. Among them, one stood out for its uniqueness and charm – a letter from Jack Davis, a 9-year-old enthusiast with qualifications that make him a perfect candidate to be a “Guardian of the Galaxy.”

In his letter, Jack shared his passion for space and alien movies, emphasizing his proficiency in video games. With youthful enthusiasm, he expressed his readiness to learn to think like an alien, showcasing a perspective untainted by conventional adult thinking.

The heartwarming letter gained viral attention after a family friend posted it on Reddit. Eventually reaching NASA’s director of planetary science division, Dr. James L. Green, the agency decided to respond with a carefully crafted message on Twitter. Dr. Green clarified the role of a Planetary Protection Officer, highlighting its significance in safeguarding Earth from potential contaminants when collecting samples from celestial bodies like the Moon, asteroids, and Mars. Additionally, it emphasized the responsibility of protecting other planets and moons from Earth’s microbes as humanity explores the Solar System.

NASA’s response served not only as an informative clarification but also as an encouragement for Jack and others with similar aspirations. The space agency urged them to pursue their studies diligently, fostering the dream of becoming the real “Guardians of the Galaxy” in the future.

Further info: NASA (H/t: DeMilked)

In essence, Jack’s innocence and passion for space exploration have not only captured the hearts of those who came across his letter but have also become a source of inspiration for young minds to dream big and aim for the stars.

Photo by Aaron Sheldon / Getty Images

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