Woman was ‘dead’ for 27 minutes, but as soon as she woke up she scribbled a spine-chilling message…

Tina and her husband Brian were hiking when she suffered a severe heart attack. Brian, her husband of 30 years, was quick to perform CPR, saving her life momentarily. However, the journey to the hospital was fraught with danger, as Tina nearly died multiple times, requiring medics to resuscitate her six times. In total, Tina was “dead” for 27 minutes.

Despite receiving critical medical treatment, Tina, a mother of four, remained on the brink of death and unable to speak. Brian fervently prayed for her recovery, and when she finally regained consciousness, he believed his prayers had been answered.

Although Tina was still weak, she communicated her urgency by gesturing for a pen and paper. When given the tools, she wrote something on the paper that sent chills down the spines of those present. The chilling message added an eerie layer to her miraculous survival and near-death experience.

For more details on Tina’s incredible story, including her chilling message, watch the video below.

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