7 Signs Your Guardian Angel Is Trying To Contact You

Many people believe that each of us has a unique mission or purpose in life and that we are assigned a spiritual guide to help us stay on track. These guides are like personal detectives who are focused solely on you!

While they can’t manifest themselves in our physical dimension, they can communicate with us through dreams, signs, and hints to help guide us in the right direction.

Recognizing these signs is key to syncing with your guardian angel and receiving the guidance and assistance they have for you.

Here are some common angel signs to watch out for:

1.White Feathers

A white feather is a calling card from your guardian angel to let you know that they are present and that you are not alone. This sign often appears when you are feeling down or in need of support. Look for these feathers in unexpected places or where you rarely see white birds.


A rainbow is a symbol of divine love and can indicate that your prayers have been heard. If you see a rainbow shortly after asking for angelic assistance, it may be a confirmation that your guardian angel is with you. A rainbow around the moon, a double rainbow, or a rainbow on a day without rain are especially powerful symbols of angelic presence.

3.Pennies and Dimes

Finding money in the form of pennies and dimes can be a sign of angelic presence. This often happens when you are upset about a financial matter. While the value of the coins may not solve your financial problems, it’s a way for your guardian angel to catch your attention and make you aware of other angelic signs that may help you.

4.Media Signs

After asking for divine help, you may see signs in the media that are relevant to your situation. For example, you may come across an article or news report on the exact matter you were seeking answers for. Pay attention to these signs and stay focused to receive guidance from your angels.

5.Special Scents

Have you ever smelled a lovely aroma that seemed to come from nowhere? These scents, which are often similar to the smell of gardenias or roses, may be a sign of your guardian angel’s presence. You may also smell something that reminds you of your childhood and has a mysterious connection that you can’t quite figure out. These experiences often occur when your guardian angel is very close to you.


Have you ever seen a cloud formation that looks like a heart, flower, or angel’s wings? This is another common sign from your guardian angel to remind you of the existence of a heavenly place above you.


If you have experienced some of the above signs, you may eventually hear powerful messages from your guardian angel in the form of voices. These may be sudden messages you receive in your mind or actual whispers you hear. Don’t dismiss these as your imagination; instead, ask your guardian angel to speak louder if the message is unclear. Hearing their guidance can provide comfort, guidance, and reassurance.

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