7 Tricks Narcissists Do To Manipulate And Take Advantage Of You

Narcissists excel at pretending, making them worthy of an award. They can pretend to be your best friend or soulmate, but it’s all a performance until they’ve trapped you in their web. Once they’ve achieved their objective, they will discard you like trash.

Narcissists have a certain allure, making you unaware of their true nature until it’s too late. They use you as a pawn to get what they want, and you become powerless under their control.

Here are 7 tactics that they use to trap and victimize you. Be vigilant of these behaviors and steer clear of anyone who utilizes them:

1.They will conceal their true personality.

They will do anything to hide their true nature, such as feigning tears when they don’t feel sad or laughing when they don’t feel joy. They want to exploit your innocence, and so they cover up their real selves. They will never reveal their inner selves, keeping you in the dark.

2.They will make you compete for their attention.

They will use methods to keep you enchanted, so you don’t want to do anything to break their heart. Even if you sense that something is off, you will still yearn for their attention. Be careful in this scenario because you might unwittingly fall prey to their trap.

If you criticize a narcissist, they will use a third party to mediate the argument, ultimately painting you as the villain.

3.They will blame you.

Narcissists believe that they are always right, and there is nothing wrong with their actions or words. If they are not in the mood or something bad happens to them, they will hold you accountable for it. You will always be the culprit.

4.They will make you feel ashamed.

Narcissists will use your secrets to gain the upper hand. They will betray your trust and use this information to paint you in a negative light. You will feel powerless as they spread rumors and lies about you.

5.They will use gaslighting.

Narcissists will use gaslighting to brainwash and control you. They will make you feel inadequate and doubtful of yourself. You will be confused, and your self-worth and identity will be questioned.

6.They will idealize and devalue you.

In the idealization phase, they will make you feel special, like no one else in the world is as great as you. You will fall for it hook, line, and sinker, and this is where the disaster begins.

In the devaluing phase, the narcissist will reveal their true self, and it will be too late for you to turn back. You will be drained physically and emotionally, and this will be a difficult period for you.

7.They will continue their manipulative game.

Once they’ve destroyed you, the narcissist will move on to their next victim to play their game.

Do not allow anyone to take advantage of you. Be mindful of the people you surround yourself with and protect yourself.

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