76-Year-Old Grandmother Faces Harsh Criticism for Wearing Sleeveless Dress on Social Media

Everyone has their own opinions, but sometimes it’s best to keep them to ourselves.

A 76-year-old fashion icon recently posted a photo of herself donning a sleeveless midi dress. While the post garnered plenty of comments, not all of them were positive.


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A post shared by Candace Leslie Cima (@lifeinmy70s)

“I’ve faced this situation before, but this one took me by surprise,” Candace Cima shared with TODAY. “There are still lingering outdated notions about age-appropriate fashion, and it’s time for those to evolve.”

Cima, a grandmother to 11 grandchildren, confidently showcased a brown knit sleeveless dress paired with a sweater.

“Some comments lacked support. ‘This dress doesn’t suit your figure from certain angles. A tighter fit below the waist might not be the best choice for you. Nevertheless, I appreciate everything else about your style!'” one Facebook comment read.


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A post shared by Candace Leslie Cima (@lifeinmy70s)

“I’m not a fan of the dress with the sweater,” another person remarked.

“It’s not flattering. I wouldn’t wear it alone. At your age, showing that much skin is inappropriate,” another commenter boldly stated.

Cima gracefully responded, “It’s natural to have wrinkles at 76, and I’m not ashamed of them. Sometimes I’m tempted to ask, ‘Should I hide my face because it has wrinkles too?'”

In 2019, Cima launched her fashion blog, recognizing a void in representation for older women in the fashion industry.

“I noticed an opportunity to discuss aging gracefully through fashion. Women have been conditioned to believe they should conceal their bodies because that’s what their mothers and grandmothers did.”


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A post shared by Candace Leslie Cima (@lifeinmy70s)

“We need to shift our perspective on aging. We don’t have to adhere to these outdated standards in a modern world.”

Despite the influx of negative comments, Cima didn’t dwell on them and instead shared words of encouragement for her younger audience.

“Growing older is a gift. Everything you’ve learned throughout your life is now your asset. You’re at the peak of your wisdom. Embrace it and wear it proudly.”

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