8 Quality Dog Breeds Banned In Different Countries

Dogs has been carrying the status of the man’s best friends for centuries. The unbroken record where none other animal hasn’t gotten a chance even compete in all those centuries. With all those love and respect they give us, there are some people who think they are dangerous. Some of their breeds are even banned in some countries.

We believe governments act on behalf of their people’s well-being. However, it’s up to you to decide if they are reasonable or being obscured. These are the top 8 dog breeds that has banned in countries around the world.

08. Presa Canario

This tough looking dogs have been banned in 8 countries. Mostly because of their reputation of being aggressive and difficult to control. But above all that they are still very loving and devoted to their human master.

07. Rottweiler

Rottweilers can be very useful in herding cattle when trained properly and also they are heavily participating in police forces and even very good at rescue operations. However, there are 10 countries that consider them as dangerous. In truth, they are very lovable and most importantly, very efficient guard dogs.

06. American Staffordshire Terrier

This might be the most controversial dog breed in this list. There are 11 countries which has regulated this breed including USA itself. Despite all that, American Staffordshire Terrier manages to make its’ way into the list of most popular dog breeds in the world every now and then.

05. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

These are very friendly, tender dog breed which even recommended as family dogs. Due to the fact of them being used in illegal dog fights, this breed is banned in 12 countries around the word.

04. Brazilian Mastiff

This beautiful and sensitive looking doggo does very good job as guard and work dogs in right hands, but some people tend to see them as aggressive and even dangerous. Because of that, their breed is regulated in 14 countries.

03. Tosa

This breed of dogs was originated in Japan with the intension of dog-fighting. Even though they made for fight each other, they still are intelligent and sensitive companions. Unfortunately, they are still used for dog-fighting in Japan, on legal basis. Because of this, they are considered dangerous and regulated in 18 countries.

02. Dogo Argentino

Dogos are completely white doggo breed. Despite how beautiful and confident they are, there are 18 countries around the world that has banned their breed. However, at least in their homeland they have freedom to keep being the man’s best friend.

01. Pit Bull

Pit Bull, or Pitbull Terrier, it’s not only their breed but also their cross-breeds fall under legal control; not few but 24 countries. It’s more than 12% of all countries in the world. American Kennel Club doesn’t even recognize them as a breed.

We know you are probably don’t agree with those governments which has banned these awesome dog breeds. After all, the animal is as good as the human who train them right? Put your comment on the comments section below. Please share good information with your loved once. Spread the joy!

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