9 Reasons An Elder Sister Is The Best Gift Your Parents Gave You

There are countless reasons why an older sister is more than just a family member, but also a lifelong friend who offers hope and support when things seem to go wrong. Here are 9 reasons why having an elder sister is such a blessing:

1. Personality Development

An elder sister can sometimes be rude, ignoring you to spend time with her friends or not playing with you when you want to. However, these character-building situations teach you a lot about life.

2. Real Conversations

An older sister is always there when you need someone to talk to, and she will always keep your secrets safe.

3. Parenting Skills

Your older sister has already made all the mistakes you might make, so your parents will know what to expect from you and understand you better.

4. Emotional Support

You can confide in your older sister about all your hidden emotions, and she will always forgive you and love you unconditionally.

5. She Will Be Your Driver

Your older sister will happily drive you around until you get your license, which is pretty awesome.

6. The Ideal Role Model

Your older sister is the perfect person to emulate, having already experienced everything you need to do and knowing how and when to do the right thing, whether it’s in high school, jobs, or even relationships.

7. Always There For You

No matter what life throws at you, your sister will always have your back, and you’ll have hers. This can’t be said for any other sibling pair.

8. Sound Advice

Your older sister cares deeply about every choice you make and decision you take. You can always count on her to give you sincere advice, knowing how to handle situations better and keeping you out of trouble.

9. Learning Grown-Up Stuff

Learning about adult stuff from other people, even parents, can be pretty awkward and weird. However, if you have an older sister, she will guide you through all of it, making it less uncomfortable.

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