9 Things To Expect When You Cut Ties With A Toxic Family Member

Moving away from your family can be one of the most challenging decisions you ever make, especially when it involves cutting ties with a toxic family member. Although it is not easy to separate yourself from the people you have spent most of your life with, it may be necessary for your mental health and well-being. Here are some things you might experience when you make the decision to move away:

1. You may feel overwhelmed with guilt.

It is natural to feel guilty about cutting ties with a loved one, but remind yourself of the reasons why you made that decision. You gave that person many chances to make things right, but you were the only one who was hurt. Therefore, try not to regret your decision and be proud that you had the courage to stand up for yourself.

2. You may feel sorry for the person and want to reach out.

Leaving your family behind is not an easy thing to do, and you may find yourself regretting not tolerating things and enduring hardships. However, remember that the more you distance yourself from their toxic influence, the stronger you will become. It is best to avoid reconnecting with them while you are still recovering.

3. Family gatherings may be awkward.

You cannot completely avoid family gatherings, and you will undoubtedly encounter that particular person at such events. They may try to provoke or hurt you, and others may try to patch things up between you. However, your mental health should always take priority over anything else. If necessary, exchange a few words with that person, but never engage in deep conversations.

4. They may lash out at you.

Depending on the relationship you had with that person, their reaction may vary. They may blame you, send harsh emails, or even spread false rumors about you. Therefore, it is essential to surround yourself with faithful friends who will always support and encourage you through difficult times.

5. They may attempt to turn the family against you.

One of the most significant disadvantages of cutting ties with a toxic family member is that they may try to poison your loved ones against you. Always explain yourself to your family members and tell your side of the story to someone in the family who will protect you from any angry reactions from others.

6. The ‘blood is thicker than water’ argument will pop up.

Sometimes, toxic people may not try to reach out to you, but family members may try to reconcile between both parties by saying ‘blood is thicker than water.’ While it is good to have a proper connection with your family members, you moved out for a reason, and you must always remember to value your mental health.

7. Your loved ones may try to make you feel guilty.

Your family members may criticize you openly and repeatedly because they do not know the reasons why you made that decision. Therefore, it is essential to have an honest discussion with them and explain the real reasons behind your decision.

8. Your family may force you to meet them.

Your family members may arrange meetings with that person without your knowledge, which can be unpleasant. Therefore, feel free to walk away if you feel uncomfortable because you have the power to do so.

9. You will feel liberated from their toxicity.

Despite your initial sense of guilt, moving away will make you feel more liberated and independent. Therefore, be happy about the decision you made and act on it.

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