9-year-old boy gives unknown police officer a note in a restaurant

During breakfast at Denny’s, 9-year-old Noah noticed a lone police officer, Eddie Benitez, at a nearby table. Feeling a mix of nervousness and admiration, Noah shared his desire to become a police officer with his mom and concocted a thoughtful plan.

Although initially too shy to approach Officer Benitez directly, Noah decided to surprise him by using his saved birthday money to cover the officer’s breakfast. With his mother’s support, they informed the waitress about their plan, paid the bill, and Noah wrote a heartfelt message on the receipt.

Approaching Officer Benitez, Noah handed him the receipt. Confused at first, Eddie soon realized the kind gesture. Reading Noah’s note expressing gratitude and admiration, the officer was deeply moved. In response, he stood up, took a photo with Noah, and shared the heartwarming story with 10 News.

Noah’s note, expressing his aspiration to be like Officer Eddie when he grows up, touched the officer profoundly. Eddie revealed that he carries the note with him every day, finding inspiration in Noah’s words. The Lakeland Police Department, where Eddie serves, was so moved by the story that they shared the photo on their Facebook page.


Eddie emphasized the significance of Noah’s gesture, stating that it reminded him of the responsibility to be a positive example for young individuals. Noah, thrilled by the positive response, now harbors an even stronger desire to become a police officer.

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