A Brave Dog Saves Drowning Baby Deer, Becomes Best Friend by Jumping Into Lake.

When Ralph Dorn realized his goldendoodle, Harley, was missing, he feared the worst until he spotted him in the middle of a lake. To his surprise, Harley was actually helping a fawn that was struggling in the water.

Patiently, Dorn waited for both his dog and the deer to reach the shore. Once they were safely on land, Dorn gently lifted the deer out of the water, and Harley immediately began to lick it. It was evident that Harley wanted to befriend the deer, showing care and affection towards it by licking and interacting with it.

Despite being back to its mama, the deer was still waiting for Harley to meet him again. And that’s what happened the next morning as the deer was sad and even crying till Harley arrived.

It was a very great, but surprising moment for Dorn who never thought that his dog would do that with a different type of animal despite being a therapy dog. He then knows that his dog has a very big heart, that can love anyone. How adorable!

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