A couple at the church

If you’re in the mood for some hearty laughter, you’ve come to the right place. The upcoming tale is bound to brighten your day.

In a church, a husband and wife find themselves immersed in a lengthy ceremony. However, the wife succumbs to sleepiness, prompting her husband to discreetly attempt waking her by poking her with his finger.

As he taps her, the sermon poses a question about the event that led the Israelites to freedom from Egyptian slavery. Startled awake, the woman blurts out, “The Almighty!” before dozing off once more.

Throughout the ceremony, the husband continues to nudge her. When the sermon addresses the one who sacrificed for the forgiveness of sins, the drowsy woman responds, “Jesus Christ!”

As the sermon poses yet another question, the husband makes his third attempt to rouse her. Unfortunately, the timing is off, and the question is about the words Eve spoke to Adam after the birth of their last child. Frustrated, the wife, now annoyed with her husband’s persistent poking, warns, “I swear, if you touch me with that again, I’ll snap it in half.”

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