A Gorilla Born With A Lack Of Pigmentation On Her Fingers Looks Like She Has Human Finger

Darwin’s theory of evolution suggests that humans evolved from monkeys, and the similarities between humans and monkeys seem to support this idea. However, a recent discovery has added to the intrigue. A gorilla named Anaka, who recently celebrated her 6th birthday at Zoo Atlanta, was found to have a unique lack of pigmentation on her fingers. This unusual characteristic, making her fingers resemble those of humans, has attracted a lot of attention.

Image Credit & More Info: Facebook

During Anaka’s birthday celebration, the zoo staff took some beautiful photos of the gorilla, which were later shared on Facebook. Many people sent birthday wishes, but some observant individuals also noticed the peculiarities of the baby gorilla’s hands. Unlike most animals, primates have individualized fingerprints and toe prints, which can sometimes be used for identification purposes. Additionally, primates have fingernails and toenails instead of claws, which they use for various tasks such as opening, scraping, cleaning, and scratching—similar to how humans use their fingers.

Furthermore, Anaka’s behavior differs from that of other gorillas. The zoo reported that she often barks at her mother and others to secure a prime spot for food and juice. She is also frequently seen riding piggyback on her brothers and sisters.

Some people speculated that Anaka may have vitiligo, a long-term skin condition characterized by patches of skin losing their pigment. However, a comment from Morena Lale revealed that she had contacted the zoo about this issue, and they did not confirm it. The zoo’s response was, “Well, her skin pigment has always been like that and hasn’t changed over the years, so we think it’s just a cool birthmark.”

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