A Manta Ray Approaches A Diver Asking For His Life To Be Saved

This three-meter animal approached the underwater photographer Jake Wilton to show some hooks that he had hooked in his right eye.

The surprising thing about the event is how this giant stingray approaches without any fear a group of divers who were near the coast of Ningaloo (Western Australia) with the sole intention of helping them with these terrible hooks.

The images are simply incredible, the locals know the animal they nickname Freckles, who remains totally immobile while Jake helps him calmly remove the hooks so as not to mistreat him more.

The man could not believe what was happening so he related this “the blanket got closer to me” “more and more” until he turned around to show me the organ that was hurting and, when he submerged himself several times ” to see how he would react to being close «, The animal did not move.

“I often guide divers in the area and it’s like she recognizes me and trusts me to help her,” confessed Witon, who removed those objects that could cause infection , cause blindness and even bring the worst end to Freckles.

Marine Biologist Monty Halls, who was on board the boat at that time, assures that the stingray was aware of everything that was happening.

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