A new priest has a hard time getting used to the secret code

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Navigating a new community can be challenging, especially when language barriers or subtle nuances in communication come into play. The following joke humorously illustrates the predicament faced by a new priest who found himself in such a situation. While he ended up in the right place, a bit of pre-immersion study might have been beneficial.

Here’s the joke:

In a parish, an elderly priest grew weary of parishioners repeatedly confessing to adultery. One Sunday, from the pulpit, he declared, “If I hear one more person confess to adultery, I’ll quit!”

Concerned for the beloved priest, the community devised a clever solution—a secret code word. Those who had committed adultery would simply say they had “fallen.” This arrangement appeased the old priest, and all was well until he passed away at a ripe old age.

Upon the arrival of the new priest, about a week later, he paid a visit to the town’s mayor, appearing quite distressed. The priest earnestly remarked, “Something must be done about the sidewalks in town. People in the confessional keep talking about having ‘fallen.'”

Amused by the situation, the mayor burst into laughter, realizing that no one had briefed the new priest on the code word. Before the mayor could clarify, the priest pointed an accusatory finger and declared, “I don’t know why you’re laughing. Your wife ‘fell’ three times this week.”

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