A newly married couple are in bed

When you discover that special person you want to spend your eternity with, you embrace them with all their strengths and weaknesses.

One common curiosity in relationships revolves around knowing each other’s romantic history, though it can occasionally evoke feelings of jealousy, it’s still a normal aspect of human curiosity.

In a scenario involving a newly married couple, the husband broached the topic of previous partners while they were in bed together. Despite his attempts to coax the information from his wife, she remained silent, staring at the ceiling.

Persistent in his inquiry, he reassured her, “It’s okay, just share it with me. How many men have you been with?” However, his words were met with continued silence, leading him to express regret and apologize for any unintended offense.

Attempting to lighten the mood, he said, “I didn’t mean to upset you. I envisioned us having an open and trusting relationship.” Still receiving no response, he reassured her once more, saying, “That’s alright, please don’t be upset.”

Facing ongoing silence, he drew closer and showered her with kisses and affection in an attempt to mend the atmosphere. Frustrated, she finally responded, “Oh, come on! You’ve made me lose count!”

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