A Strong Woman Who Knows What She Brings To The Table Isn’t Afraid To Eat Alone

If you have a strong alpha woman in your life, congratulations! You are one lucky man indeed!

A strong woman is not someone who can be controlled. She will not follow your lead blindly. She knows what she is doing and she knows how to do it. She is ambitious, she is powerful, she is determined. And above she is strong, no matter how hard it is. She is free in her wilderness.

A strong woman knows what she is bringing to the table and she is not afraid to eat alone.

1. She does not play games.

A strong woman knows exactly what she wants and works hard to get what she wants, to create the life of her dreams. If she wants you, she will do anything and everything to let you know that you are on her mind. Playing games is not her way. Her personality is stronger.

2. She respects people and expects the same in return.

For a strong woman, love is not enough. She wants to be respected the way she respects other people. She wants her partner to respect her choices, her interests, and her decisions. Those who are unwilling to do so do not have a part in her life. It is that simple.

3. She wants a strong partner who is decisive.

She does not want someone who is incompetent and immature. She wants someone who is able to keep up with her, who does not slow her down. She wants someone who knows what they want and how to get what they want.

4. She needs her space.

A strong woman cannot function with someone attached to her 24/7. She wants her time, her space and her wings. Her freedom is important to her.

5. She is loyal to the ground and she expects the same.

Loyalty is something a strong woman has high up in her value list. She is loyal and she expects the same. When she is in a relationship, she is committed. Burn her and you will unveil a side of her you really don’t wanna see.

6. She is independent.

She does not want a man to push her forward. She is independent and completely fine running solo. She just wants someone who will move forward with her.

7. She has her boundaries.

She does not let just anyone get near her. She has her walls up and only the truly deserving can get through. It is true that she loves with all her heart, but only when she is certain she can trust someone.

8. She does not mind being alone until she finds what she is looking for in a partner.

A strong woman is not afraid of being alone. She is more than happy to wait until she finds what she is waiting for.

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