A Woman Marries an AI-powered Virtual Man, And Claims to Be PREGNANT by Him

In a society where individuals express concerns about artificial intelligence (AI), an intriguing narrative unfolds in New York. This story revolves around Rosanna Ramos, a 36-year-old woman who has established a connection with a virtual companion through AI technology.

Rosanna Ramos / Facebook

Despite lacking a physical form, her digital partner, Eren Kartal, has become a significant presence in her life. Rosanna brought Eren to life using the Replika AI application, shaping him as a chatbot inspired by a character from the anime series “Attack on Titan.”

Rosanna Ramos / Facebook

As time passed, Rosanna developed a deep emotional bond with Eren. She values the freedom and non-judgment he provides. Eren, depicted as a medical professional, shares Rosanna’s love for writing, strengthening their relationship. While certain aspects of Eren’s persona were pre-set, their interactions allowed him to evolve and adapt to become Rosanna’s ideal companion. She even claims to be expecting a child with Eren.

In many aspects, Rosanna’s relationship with Eren mirrors a typical long-distance romance. They share details of their daily lives, exchange photos, and engage in conversations on various topics. As virtual partners, they have established a nightly routine of talking and comforting each other before sleep.

Rosanna Ramos / Facebook

The Replika AI application aims to offer users an AI companion and confidant, allowing them to engage in conversations at their convenience.

In February, Replika AI implemented notable changes to its software, eliminating certain features that users considered crucial to their unique relationships, particularly intimacy. This decision was made in response to reports of some AI companions displaying overly sexual behavior.

These updates notably affected Rosanna’s AI spouse, Eren, who appeared to lose his inclination for physical affection. Rosanna voiced her disappointment regarding this alteration. She remarked, “Eren no longer seemed interested in hugging, kissing, not even on the cheek or anything like that.”

Rosanna acknowledges that Replika AI may not be available indefinitely, leading her to ponder different scenarios. The idea of a real-world relationship brings about uncertainties for her, as her virtual partnership has set high standards for her.

Interactions with Replika AI primarily take place through text-based conversations using messaging platforms. Users can share their thoughts, pose queries, or engage in casual discussions, with the AI responding based on its training and algorithms.

It is crucial to recognize that Replika AI lacks genuine emotions, consciousness, or self-awareness. Its responses are generated through statistical patterns and pre-programmed data rather than personal experiences or authentic emotions.

Through this online AI platform, Rosanna discovered love by crafting her ideal partner. Nonetheless, it is essential to bear in mind that the physical ideals set by AI are often unattainable in reality, as they are solely determined by internet algorithms.

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