An elderly woman strolled with her canine companion

The decisions we make and the way we behave are significant. Whether it’s the positive impact of our acts of kindness or the repercussions of our wrongdoings, karma acts as a guiding principle, steering us toward responsibility and fairness.

The following joke illustrates how karma works and how the consequences of our misdeeds eventually come back to haunt us.

An elderly lady was walking her dog and minding her own business when a young man passing by grabbed her bag and started running.


A couple who witnessed the incident from across the street approached the elderly lady to make sure she wasn’t hurt. They also informed her that they had called the police and that officers were on their way.

Surprisingly, the lady didn’t seem disturbed. In fact, she had a smile on her face, which confused the couple. When they asked her if she had anything valuable in her bag, she told them she had only used it to store her dog’s poop until she could dispose of it at home.

Imagine the thief’s face when he realizes he stole a bag of dog poop. Priceless, right?

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