20+ Animals Who Can Cheer You Up Better Than Any Comedian

There are many times that our pets do something really funny. What makes it even funnier is the simplest of facts that they are the ones doing it. We don’t even realize it until we start laughing so hard. We have compiled 21 such cases which would make your day and lift your spirits.

1. Does anyone have some motivation for Monday that I could borrow?

2. Well, I’m a tad bit cold.

3. Do you like my new accessory?

4. I laughed so hard, please, no more…

5. I’m never going to be able to take a serious photo of my dog

6. You got a problem with me?

7. Oh! let me just do what you’re doing.

8. Did I hear someone saying something about food?

9. Daddy, daddy, look what I found!

10. “I hope he didn’t smell the gas…”

11. Eek… Look at me…

12. My son and I look so much alike

13. So much love and tenderness in a burrito

14. Hey, look, look… I’m a unicorn…

15. When your friend promises it’s the last selfie, but it’s not

16. When a panda hears a good joke

17. Well, hello there!

18. Spit Spot… Hurry up and finish singing.

19. Who or what is behind door 1?

20. The happiest little bear you’d ever see.

21. You say “I fell down laughing” and it actually happened.

Can you just imagine what would happen if you were to witness these cute, adorable and funny moments?


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