Are You Dealing With An Evil Person? Here’s 13 Ways To Find Out

Recognizing Truly Evil People in Your Life

Identifying truly evil people can be challenging, even for those who think they know what evil is. Often, individuals who repeatedly exhibit malevolent behavior are not aware that they possess some good within them, but they consciously choose to keep that side of themselves hidden. These people enjoy being evil and are likely to manipulate those around them into following their lead. Here are some ways to identify if you have any evil individuals in your life.

1.They Deny Reality

Evil individuals will never agree with anyone else because they have their version of reality in their head. They stand firm in their disagreement, even if they know they are wrong.

2.They Twist Facts

Distorting facts is a fundamental aspect of being pure evil. They create alternate interpretations of facts they disagree with and twist them to make you feel like you have no option but to agree. Always stick to the truth and do not let yourself be fooled.

3.They Withhold Information

Evil people keep a few facts hidden, but they won’t call it lying. Once they realize you have discovered the whole truth, they will start twisting and turning the story, further confusing you and using your ignorance to hold on to their end.

4.They Mislead People

Cunning individuals know how to pick the right person to get their dirty work done. They are skilled at confusing you with lies and making you feel guilty for being the bad guy.

5.They Always Lie

Lies are the only way evil people express themselves. They enjoy adding flavor and truth to their stories by creating fake and untrue bits, relishing when others believe them. Trust your instincts, and if something seems off, it probably is.

6.They’re Remorseless

Evil individuals have no feelings and lack sympathy for others. They would be happy to break you inside out, and anyone around them would be a cog in their evil wheel.

7.They Avoid Responsibility

Evil people do not have the word “responsibility” in their dictionary. They find it easier to pass on duties to the next person and stay away, using this as a way to blame others when the work is not done.

8.They’re Manipulative

Evil people have so much experience in manipulation that they always stay ahead of the game, stringing their plans tight to ensure you never escape. They make others work and gain credit as if it’s their own work, leaving you feeling hopeless.

9.They Are Never Supportive

You will only see an evil person in situations where they have something to gain. No matter how much you support them, you will never see them help you in your times of need.

10.They Steal Your Time

Evil individuals will make you waste your time in pointless operations, never wanting you to improve in any way. They will always be there to pull you down when you climb high.

11.They Lead Double Lives

Evil people act differently with different people, creating a million different stories to convince anyone. It’s almost impossible to know anything real about their lives.

12.They Are Control Freaks

Since they are masters of manipulation, evil people can quickly gain control of any situation. They won’t let you have any other friends and won’t allow anyone to come into your life. They want you to remain a pawn in their dirty games because the moment they lose you, they fear the truth being revealed.

13.They’re Always Blaming Others

Evil individuals make countless mistakes unknowingly, but the moment they realize something has gone wrong, they blame others to make them apologize for something they did not do.

In conclusion, identifying truly evil people can be challenging, but with these tips, you can protect yourself from their manipulative tactics. Trust your instincts,

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