Baby Owls Sleep In A Funny Way

Infants, regardless of their species, are undeniably charming and exhibit endearing behaviors. Owl offspring, commonly referred to as Owlets, are no exception to this rule, boasting an undeniable cuteness factor.

Until a recent viral Twitter post, not much was widely known about baby Owls. The unsuspected surge of internet attention directed towards these adorable avian infants took everyone by surprise. Continue reading to discover what all the fuss is about, and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

More info & Photo credit: wibd

One peculiar trait of these lovable Owlets is their propensity for sleeping on their bellies. Yes, you read that correctly! This seemingly awkward sleeping posture is entirely normal for baby owls. This behavior stems from the fact that young owl hatchlings possess comparatively large heads, making it challenging for them to maintain balance while asleep. Consequently, when perched on nests or branches of trees, they opt to lie on their bellies, resting their heads on the ground.

The accompanying image illustrates the peculiar sleeping position of these tiny Owlets, offering a glimpse of another unique feature: their legs, which are not typically visible to observers.

Given that these baby owls sleep at elevated heights, it is imperative for them to avoid accidental falls. To achieve the necessary stability, they extend their legs outward, ensuring a balanced stance.

Aren’t these slumbering baby owls simply adorable?

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