The couple claims the restaurant penalized them for ‘bad parenting,’ but the restaurant owner exposes the reality

Imagine enjoying a peaceful dinner at a scenic Georgia restaurant nestled in the mountains beside the Toccoa River, only to witness unruly children disrupting the atmosphere. In response, the Toccoa Riverside Restaurant took a bold step by introducing a surcharge for ‘adults unable to parent,’ discreetly added to the bottom of their menu.

Although the menu doesn’t specify the surcharge amount, it seems to hover around $50, as reported by disgruntled parents in various Google reviews. Unsurprisingly, this decision has sparked discontent among many patrons.

According to one customer, the owner imposed a $50 fee due to their children’s behavior, despite the kids being well-behaved with a tablet until the food arrived. The owner justified this move, expressing disappointment with the experience. Another review narrates a dramatic scene where the owner criticized parents in front of the entire restaurant, advising them to go to “Burger King and Walmart” if they couldn’t control their children.

The restaurant’s owner, Tim Richter, explained that the surcharge was initiated during the COVID-19 outbreak a few years ago, following an incident involving a family with nine unruly children. While he initially issued a warning without charging them, Richter emphasized the need for parents to fulfill their parenting duties.

Reactions from guests are mixed. Some, like Laura Spillman, find the idea “crazy” and argue against it, stating that kids are inherently cute. On the contrary, Anne Cox believes that a potential surcharge could serve as a reminder for parents to uphold their responsibilities.

What are your thoughts on this unconventional approach by the Toccoa Riverside Restaurant?

Share your opinions and let the discussion unfold.

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