These charming bearded reedling birds resemble they’re sporting authentic beards

From the captivating Dracula parrots to the resplendent Golden Pheasants, birds continually dazzle us with their beauty. They possess an innate charm and quirkiness that never fails to uplift our spirits. And if you haven’t yet delved into the world of bird watching, these feathered friends might just spark that motivation!

Meet the Bearded Reedlings, a species with a distinctly charming appearance.

#1. These petite birds sport elongated tails, measuring approximately 16.5cm in length, making them perfectly palm-sized wonders.

Image Credit: David Drangsland

#2. They look truly unique and you can spot and identify them anywhere. They are tiny, egg-shaped, and fluffy. And they enjoy resting by doing a split on three branches.

Image Credit: KeV Chapman

#3. They have a ginger-brown overall with bluish-grey heads.

Image Credit: rado_vaclav

#4. They also have black mustache-like markings. These markings go from under their eyes down to their throats and similar black streaks can be seen under their tails.

Image Credit: Olsson Stenman

Image Credit: Olsson Stenman

#5. Female birds are different from male birds.

Image Credit: David Drangsland

#6. They have neither mustache markings nor black streaks under their tails. Also, they are much paler.

Image Credit: David Drangsland

#7. This species has an extreme range which is decreasing but not at alarming rates.

Image Credit: nickpix2008

#8. They are found in Europe and Asia all year long. They are not known for migrating.

Image Credit: rado_vaclav

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