Abused dog with a unique smile, showcasing his beauty

When Zipper was brought to a shelter after being discovered as a stray, staff quickly noticed something unique about the 8-year-old canine. Despite her history of abuse, Zipper exudes a friendly and lovable personality, showcasing a captivating smile that is the result of a deformed jaw.

According to the personnel at Huntsville Animal Services, Zipper’s endearing smile hasn’t affected her daily life. She eats well, enjoys treats, and displays no awareness of her physical difference.

Zipper's Charming Smile

“We don’t know the cause of the jaw malformation,” Erin Webb, a volunteer with Huntsville Animal Services, shared with The Dodo. “We have no idea what caused it. She does have a pronounced underbite and widely spaced teeth.”

Zipper's Dental Condition

Zipper likely spent her life outdoors and faced neglect, evident from her arrival at the shelter. She suffered from severe fur loss due to flea allergies and may have had multiple litters of puppies in the past. Despite her hardships, her new shelter family recognizes her worth and is eager to help her find a loving forever home.

Zipper at the Shelter

Zipper’s unique appearance may set her apart, but her warm demeanor and endearing smile make her irresistible to those who meet her.

“As an older dog, she is gentle and calm,” Webb explained. “She prefers cuddling over activities and enjoys socializing with other dogs, including her friend, Mr. Mike.”

Zipper with Mr. Mike

Zipper is friendly towards dogs and children, displaying a kind and gentle nature that would suit various households, according to the shelter. Having faced challenges in her past, she now seeks a peaceful retirement with a family who will embrace her unique qualities.

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