15 Exotic Birds That Look Like They Are From Another World

It is truly amazing of nature’s power in offering all living beings and landscapes, however small or insignificant, with surreal beauty, and never seizes to amaze us all the time.

Out of all these living species, one of the most unique creations of nature is birds. Out of all the different classifications, there are around 10,000 species and around 20,000 subspecies of birds. Mainly classified according to their appearance and characteristics including size, color, beak, and body shape. If you are lucky enough, you’d have the chance to see these beauties up close.

1. What gorgeous eyelashes.


However, many of these magical creatures can be found in remote and rural areas. Most species of birds have the most incredible features ranging from their unique plumage and eyelashes to the shades of their feathers or muzzles. We have selected and compiled a list of some of the most beautiful birds.

2. BleuThis pigeon is different from others due to its crest, color, and tail.


3. Mom and precious baby


4. How colorful is he?


5. What a funny expression


6. This is what prestigious looks like


7. Bright purple and beautiful


8. When blue becomes white


9. Say hello to the Red Bengali


10. What a big beak you have…


11. What are they on alert for?

praveen g nair/instagram

12. Do you like the color shades?


13. Just a beautiful blue and white


14. Have you ever seen a more elegant parrot


15. Such contrasting colors

GrayBuffalo reddit

Nature truly is spectacular. Birds as well as other animals have piqued the curiosity of humans, which makes researchers and enthusiasts overwhelmed. The animal kingdom truly refutes some beliefs as well. So here’s a question for you. Do all birds have wings? The answer is no. This species, which is found in Oceania, the kiwi, has no wings and no tail for that matter as well. While the largest bird in the animal kingdom goes to the ostrich, the smallest species is the hummingbird. Weighing around 1.6 grams, hummingbirds can reach 70 wing beats per second. Have you ever seen these small beauties before?

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