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Beauty of The Blue Jay. The Bird With Blue Feathers That Can Mimic Human And Animal Sounds

Although typically originating from the North American region, blue jays are widespread. They are a unique species due to their appearance and bright colors, as their appearance makes them easy to recognize. With bluish throats and legs, and very bright light bluish upper surface area, nape, forehead, and wings, these beauties are an explosion of a vibrant blue, and the sight of them reminds us of the sky and the sea.

Credit: Wikimedia

Currently, there are only 4 subspecies of these gorgeous birds have been found, and these depend on the sheen and size of these birds.

Credit: Wikimedia

As they are descendants from the Corvidae family, Jays have a love for shining objects, and therefore, in most cases, they tend to carry something shiny in their beaks.

Credit: Wikimedia

Although they look elegant, in real life, these birds are very aggressive. While the Blue Jay diet includes lizards, eggs, seeds, insects, grains, mice, and berries, they become extremely aggressive when another bird species approaches their nests.

Credit: Wikimedia

With their beauty, also comes a very unique feature to imitate sound, and they have this marvelous talent to be tremendously loud. Communications between Jays are done through specific calls between each other. These calls mimic other raptors as well as humans.

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