15 Examples Of How Nature Always Keeps On Giving And Surprising Us

We can’t emphasize this enough: nature is truly amazing, and it never ceases to amaze and surprise us each and every day. It truly gives us to see the world in a very different way, breaking all stereotypes. In most cases, animals, plants, and their shapes and colours display true diversity and are truly magical. Can you ever imagine seeing an all-black zebra or even a half orange lobster? Let’s get this show on the road and see the playfulness of nature with these few examples.

The bunny version of Disney’s Dumbo.

© SittingInTheDark / reddit

What’s not to love about an adorable American Bashkir horse?

© GentlemanSquid / reddit

With such symmetry, mathematicians will be impressed.

Kitty Leopard, Run, Wild and Free

© OnyxiasLair / reddit

The look fit for a queen!

© Bob Wick, BLM / wikimedia.org

A chrysalis looking like a Christmas ornament

“We love you too, buddy!”

©inhalegram / imgur

Nature has given this katydid the brightest of pinks.

Have you ever seen a marbleized cat?

© unknown / imgur

I’ve heard of Albino Ligers, but never an albino humpback whale. What a surprise and amazing sight to behold.

© Migaloothe White Whale / facebook

A rare “split” lobster, which occurs in only one in every 100 million lobsters.

© NewEngland Aquarium / facebook

You will definitely be mesmerized by this white peacock.

When you have too many clothes and are unable to decide what to wear.

The prestigious horse, Zophie, looking like an oil painting.

© legendwoods.com

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

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