Black, The Mongrel Dog Who Buys Food With Leaves

“El Negro”, a mestizo dog that lives in the vicinity of the Diversified Technical Institute located in the municipality of Monterrey in Colombia. He has the freedom to move around the place and was adopted by everyone in the Institute, in addition to winning the hearts of the surrounding inhabitants for his particular way of asking for cookies.

The students always bought him cookies in the local store, when he received them he was very happy and wagged his tail, until one day he arrived at the kiosk with a leaf in his mouth, it is believed that imitating the boys he sees when delivering the money to buy their meals.

Perhaps from watching them so much he learned that to get the cookies he had to give something in return. This behaviour of «Negro» can be better understood from the Theory of learning by conditioning, which is the learning process by the association of stimuli.

In a video published by the teacher Ángela García Bernal explains how he and the seller understand each other: “He buys his cookies by collecting leaves from the trees.” However, when the man does not give them, “El Negro” resorts to another tactic, approaching the schoolboys and wagging his tail in exchange for a bite to eat.

Besides, he knows very well what he wants. García assured that he does not like cream cookies and that he prefers sweets that taste more similar to the croquettes that he eats.

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