Bobo The Gorilla Has Made Best Friends With A Tiny Bush Baby

Ape Action Africa stands as a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and protection of endangered primates, including monkeys, chimpanzees, and gorillas. Esteemed as one of Africa’s most significant primate conservation initiatives, the organization primarily shelters orphaned animals who have fallen victim to illegal pet trades and the hunting of bushmeat. With a diligent commitment to their well-being, the caretakers diligently conduct routine checkups for the 300 primate residents, yielding predictable outcomes.

However, every now and then, these devoted caregivers are pleasantly surprised by the actions of the animals under their care. One such day, a caregiver bore witness to an extraordinary encounter involving Bobo, a Western Lowland gorilla. In an unlikely union, Bobo found himself cradling a young bush baby, a wild creature of the night. Astonishingly, the bush baby exhibited no signs of fear and freely moved about Bobo’s robust form.

In an act of sheer spontaneity, the bush baby even hopped around in the open before ultimately returning to the gorilla’s side. This heartwarming incident did not astonish the caretaker entirely, for Bobo had gained a reputation for his gentle nature, despite being the dominant male within his group. Having fought off rivals to secure his position, Bobo showcased a softer side that resonated with those who knew him well.

The daytime appearance of the bush baby was a rarity, as these creatures are typically active at night as nocturnal beings. Furthermore, this remarkable interaction between a wild primate and a rescued one had never before been witnessed at the Mefou Sanctuary. While Bobo’s fellow gorilla companions exhibited curiosity towards the new acquaintance, Bobo himself was unwilling to share his newfound friend, desiring to keep the bush baby all to himself.

After spending a blissful two hours together, the gorilla gently returned his newfound companion to the embrace of the trees, watching as the bush baby vanished into the wilderness. Witnessing the depth of affection and care displayed by gorillas is undeniably remarkable. Although some may harbor apprehension and perceive them as intimidating creatures, these animals possess a gentle and nurturing side that touches the hearts of those fortunate enough to witness it.

Image/Video Credi & More Info: apeactionafrica/Alex Benitez | Ape Action Africa/Facebook | Watchjojo Animals

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