Bread Whiskers, The Gorgeous Chubby Tiny Bird That Appears To Have Two Large Whiskers Near Its Eyes

By now, we all know that nature can surprise us in the most unusual and in the most beautiful ways; not just picturesque landscapes, sunsets, a natural phenomenon like the Northern Lights, but the sheer beauty of the animals make nature more beautiful. For example, if we take a chickadee, we bring up to mind, a standard image of many of the small feathery friends around us.


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Although there are many small species of birds, we find some genuinely original and due to the characteristics that make them unique, they are genuinely fictitious and look right out of a story. We now present to you, the moustache breadcrumbs. By the name it allows you to understand its unique characteristic.

Credit: rado_vaclav

The Panurus biarmicus, or the Bearded Reedling, has a unique characteristic from the eyes to the beak. This species of bird has two distinct dark markings which very much look like a “mustache”. This bird has a peculiar oval-shaped and is very small, which makes it look like a little softball of feathers.

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Only males have these whiskers. However, females generally tend to have darker beaks. Known from a wide variety of specimens, the Panurus biarmicus is found in North Africa, different parts of Europe and Asia.

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Even from afar, this species is recognizable due to their song and acrobatics and their long tail and body, which is about 8cm. Therefore, the whiskered breadcrumbs are a unique species, with its beard and its soft coloured feathers look like a sympathetic creature. Let’s hope that one day; we would get to see one with our own eyes.

Credit: rado_vaclav

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