This British Park Has Incredible Living Carvings That Change With The Seasons

In the UK, the one forgotten Lost Gardens of Heligan of Heligan, are now one of the most visited gardens. With the appeal this garden has, it’s difficult to fathom that this magnificent place was undeveloped for the last 75 years. Found in the 1900s, and located in Cornwall, this land has undergone a total renovation and is now much cherished by everyone.


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During the renovation period of these gardens to their former splendor, 2 new sculptured made from rocks and plants were placed on the ground. These mud sculptors created by local artist siblings Pete and Sue Hill are now symbolic of the park. As this garden was abandoned since WWI, the sculptures known as The Giant’s Head and Mud Maid were put in back in 1997 when the land was being renovated.


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Taking about three weeks to complete, The Giant’s Head was built around the inverted root ball of a fallen tree. Using local clay and water to shape the giant’s head, they made the green “skin” by using a local invasive plant. With the weed-like Crocosmia for hair, this blooms orange in July and a read-head for summer. As the roots rotted away after 15 years, the giant head was refurbished back in 2012 by using a steel structure.


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Initially intended to be created as a mermaid, the tail of this second star of the garden was not included when a member of the team referred to her as the Mud Maid. This beauty is based on a wood frame made using the scrap wood of the property. Forming her figure by molding clay, straw and cement, to make her look gorgeous, they covered her torso with ivy and her moss spreads over her face.


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These sculptures are unique as they alter their looks according to the season and light. These are extremely popular as they are a reason that has bought the Lost Gardens of Heligan back to life.


Photo: Stock Photos from Obs70/Shutterstock


Photo: Stock Photos from Obs70/Shutterstock

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