California License Plate Containing Covert Message Attracts Attention Online

A California motorist has recently acquired a distinctive license plate that, when reflected in a mirror, reveals an illicit phrase.

According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), personalized license plates must adhere to strict guidelines, prohibiting anything deemed offensive, slang in any language, or resembling existing plates. However, as reported by Boing Boing, the driver of this particular truck appears to have circumvented these regulations.

California offers drivers the option to personalize their license plates with a combination of letters, numbers, and characters, ranging from 2 to 7 characters in length, depending on the chosen plate type.

In addition to personalized plates, California DMV also provides historical, military, and special interest plates, supporting a variety of state initiatives and programs. These include plates dedicated to agriculture, the arts, coastal preservation, firefighters, pets, child health and safety, conservation, recreation, and more.

Military-themed plates such as Congressional Medal of Honor, Gold Star Family, Legion of Valor, Pearl Harbor Survivor, Ex-Prisoner of War, Purple Heart, and Veterans’ Organization plates are available, allowing individuals to express pride in the nation’s military.

Furthermore, vintage license plates are offered for motor vehicles of historical interest, produced after 1922 and reaching a minimum age of 24.

According to Time magazine, New York issued the first license plate in 1901, following legislation requiring vehicle owners to register with the state. These early plates mandated the owner’s initials to be prominently displayed.

The inaugural license plate was awarded to George F. Chamberlain.

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